Enema Bag – 2 Litre


  • Enema Bag – 2 Litre

  • The best home enema kit. Easy to use. Open fountain top allows for easy cleaning.
  • Reusable – will last for years. Natural and Eco friendly – made with thick durable latex.
  • Enemas help relieve fatigue, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, blood pressure, haemorrhoids, sinus congestion, skin allergies, unpleasant breath and supports weight loss, and enhances energy level.
  • Comes with High quality accessories – Silicone hose, Nozzles, Clamp, flexible Colon tip for deep cleanse and Instructions.
  • Discreet Packaging for privacy and to avoid embarrassment.

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Enema Bag – 2 Litre

The Enema Bag 2 Litre  Home Enema Kit is one of the best home enema kits and is very easy to use. The BEST part about this kit is that it has a limited number of parts and as we all know the chances of leakages increase with increasing parts. It ensures no leakages and does away with needless adapters.

The Kit has –

Fountain Rubber Bag- It can be used with plain water or your own solution. It has a good capacity of 2 quart/2 liters ensuring complete cleansing.

It has an open fountain to allow easy cleaning and works best when kept upright.
Metal Hook- The bag can be suspended using the robust metal hook to ensure there is no slippage during the enema.

Silicone Tubing- A versatile high-quality 5-foot-long tubing.
Clamp- Strong and easy-to-use clamp to regulate water flow.
Nozzle- Long and short

This Enema Bag and Home Enema Kit is durable and more economical than other disposable systems available. Just replace the parts as required. It will last for several years.

Home enema sessions with this kit are comfortable, safe, easy, and fun. It helps to get rid of all the accumulated waste from the colon. Ideal for people preferring enemas with bags. This enema kit is ideal for traveling.
Enema practice helps to remove waste and toxins from the colon. They are purposed for weight loss and offer a broad range of health benefits. Enema is an alternative healing method that cleanses the colon. Practicing an enema at home is totally safe and helps to detoxify the body.

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