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Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet 2 Programme

Weight Management Programme

  • The long-term solution to weight management.
  • Renewed energy, and improved health.
  • Reduction of hunger pangs & food cravings.
  • On-going online support.
  • Delicious, affordable & easy to prepare recipes & meal planners.

Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet™ 2:

Great quality, protein in a tasty, convenient shake. Provides up to 40g of Protein per day while supporting blood sugar balance and healthy muscle mass.


Your detoxing superhero! Keeps you feeling full, assists with blood sugar control and swift detoxification and is essential for healthy gut and bowel function.


Your secret weapon. Manage your sugar cravings, reduce carbohydrate absorption, manage your blood sugar and stay on track with ease.

Uriscan Ketone Strips:

A daily test to ensure success. A simple test to check if you are burning fat. Test daily – no guesswork – if you are testing pink you are burning fat!

Lite Seasoner:

Flavour added your way. A mineral seasoner with reduced sodium. The ready-to-use seasoning provides potassium.

Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet 2 Programme works with your body to burn fat, not muscle. A unique test ensures you are in the fat-burning zone – no guesswork! No need to count calories, you can still enjoy 3 meals a day and never feel deprived.

Most common diet programmes are based on calorie counting, these programmes slow down the metabolic rate so continued weight loss is very difficult to maintain.

Once people go back to a normal calorie intake, their metabolism can’t keep up with the extra energy intake and they start gaining back the weight they lost.

However, a ketogenic-based diet is different because it switches the body from burning glucose to burning fat, ensuring muscle mass and metabolic rate are maintained. By restricting dietary carbohydrates the body is forced to break down stored fat to be used as energy.

Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet 2 Programme process in the liver is what produces ketones which are the body’s second choice for energy. These ketones leave the body via the urine which enables us to measure when the body is burning fat.

By measuring ketones in the urine with ketone strips you know that you are efficiently burning fat.

Restricting calories by simply eating less food is not the answer for long-term success; you need to specifically reduce high carbohydrate foods and reduce insulin to ‘switch on the fat-burning process.

On a good ketogenic diet, you still eat three meals a day with an emphasis on lots of green leafy vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and plenty of water and exercise; making it nutritionally sound and safe for most people to start.

Good quality protein in the correct amounts is vital to keep burning fat while increasing muscle.

Should you wish to get more info about the diet please follow the following link:


The Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet 2 Programme makes it easy to get into ketosis
and stay in the optimum fat-burning zone.

Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet 2 Programme:

• Keeps you feeling full
• Ensures great quality protein – in the right amount
• Facilitates quick and effective detox
• Promotes great gut function
• No guesswork – A test each day shows you if you are
burning fat.
• Eat real, delicious food – no need to count calories
Add in all the support you need:
• Facebook Page for recipes, and tips:
• Dedicated website, with recipes and information on a
ketogenic programme:

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